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i am kirsten Dystel, mka as kirsten houseknecht, and better known as Fabric Dragon the merchant.

two things of note:
at Bhakail Yule in Philadelphia, i was yet again helped by a volunteer. this happens so often that i fear we merchants often forget to get things like names.... i am helped frequently, by many people, old and young, including many people whose names and LJ handles i should recall and never do.. sigh
Dr_zrfq for instance, and his relations...
and many other people's children...
at this event, i was assisted by a gentle who told me his name the LAST time he helped me load, but i have forgotten.. he is tall, dark, and very good looking, and he loaded boxes, hauled carts, and helped us in many ways (my husband's back and my knees are incredibly grateful). If anyone knows who this was..... please pass along my thanks once again.

in addition, the Baroness was kind enough to allow me the privilege of taking some of the chocolate coins to a young woman and her mother. the young lady in question having BADLY broken her leg but a few weeks before, was lying down when the court ended and the procession left throwing coins......
i witnessed many people at Bhakail Yule helping this young lady at the first event she has been able to attend since she broke her leg... and they all , nameless though they may be to me, deserve thanks.

and a question?
if anyone has one of those walkers with a seat? the young lady could most certainly use it.. and if you are not using yours you should consider getting in touch with them

What an amazing weekend!
Ya now, I was trying to figure out where to post this, and after a discussion on sca_snark , *I realized this was the place.

For many years, I have been raising money for the East Kingdom Travel Fund. I did this for about five years *before* my wife became queen, and I appreciate it even more since.

But I had a commitment for this past Saturday, my wife's office Christmas party, and after 10 days of the flu, I was really excited for stuffed lobster.

Meanwhile, two fund-raisers produced $1475 for the Travel Fund -- and I didn't really have to do *anything*

In Massachusetts, evilnicola , who is my daughter, coordinated a bake sale of all things, and it produced $875 and some leftover cookies.

In Philadelphia, Zhelana ran her first silent auction and collected $600. That's better than I usually do, and I have been doing it for years.


the mark of a successful event
Last weekend I attended an event that was the first event put on by a recently revived shire in a good long while. The previous group in that location had worked very hard to become a barony, but almost immediately upon succeeding imploded on itself. But new blood recently moved in, and they started building things back up (including getting some of the "old folk" who'd pretty much quit playing to get back involved!) and announced in February that they were going to hold their first event in a few months.

They found a gorgeous site that was just the right size for the number of attendees (around 50? I never couldn't too closely), and instead of trying to provide an elaborate feast on their limited resources just arranged instead to have a number of grills going Saturday evening and encouraged people to bring their own meat for grilling. There were three tourneys for the fighters (a torchlight tourney on Friday evening, a bear bit Saturday afternoon, and a "get the grail" quest Saturday morning which involved a lot of hilarious challenges and antics), and the little shelter house (where there was a fire in the fireplace pretty much continuously) two good ladies spent the afternoons giving massages and teaching massage technique. By the end of the afternoon just walking in to the shelter house would make you feel relaxed.

There were three guitars and a fiddle and plenty of singers and story tellers and we ended the evening on Saturday around a bonfire late into the night. I don't know when I've had such a relaxing and enjoyable time at an event, but it wasn't until afterwards that it came home to me how special of an event it was. I was emailing with another attendee, and he commented "It was so relaxed that nobody even had the idea to talk politics".

Now that, my friends, is the mark of a successful event!

Yes...and no
Evil Inside
I appreciate the sentiment for creating this group, but perhaps we should be putting things out there in the mainstream for all to see?  Just as praise (and damning with faint praise) are a part of our regular dialogue of things, this would just remove what may be needed as an offsetting balance to the balance of the other postings.

So, again I'll thank you for the noble intent that caused you to create this group, but I will continue to praise and damn in one and the same place.


Baron Dur


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